VHF Exam (SRC assessment)

Pre-exam requisites:

Minimum age: 16

Pre-exam experience: Completed Online SRC course

Whats involved in the SRC exam?

Practical exam:

Duration: Approx 30 minutes

Utilising 'real' training radios.

You will be given an opportunity (minimum 15mins) to familiarise yourself with the sets prior to your exam commencing and your assessor will be on-hand to guide you through its various featurers but will be unable to guide you on any other aspects.

The items you will want to familiarise yourself with are:

  • Power switch
  • Volume / Squelch
  • High/Low Power
  • Channel control
  • Distress button and menus
  • DSC call menus and buttons

The practical exam will include all or a selection of the following (see Practical exam details in RYA Book G26 for further details):

  • Distress situations
  • Urgency situations
  • Safety situations
  • Routine Communications

Theory exam:

Duration: Approx 30 mins

Question paper: approximately 50% of the questions are multiple choice. 

 Re-taking the theory exam: It is possible to re-take the theory exam on the same day should you not reach the required grade. Please be aware that you will not sit the same exam paper twice. 

However, if you do not pass within these 2 papers, you will need to re-attend on a separate day and an additional charge will apply.

You can take your final VHF/SRC exam at any RYA approved training centre regardless of where you purchased your Online course. Should you require a link that will allow you to find your nearest of the 550 or so exam centres, just requested the link in the notes section when you make your online course payment/booking.

So that the necessary exam paper work can be passed to the examining centre, where students wish to take an exam at a Training centre other than at Sailtrain, they should provide the details of the examining centre. An email sent to Sailtrain at info@sailtrain.org.uk containing the examining centre name and address is sufficient.



On successful completion of the assessment (practical & written paper) the VHF application form will be sent to the RYA along with your passport photo and certificate fee (Not included in the price of the Online SRC/VHF course is the charge made by the RYA of £60, for the issue of the licence). The RYA certification department will then post your RYA VHF certificate directly to you.

The operators licence (Short Range Certificate) you will receive is for Class D radios, the type fitted to most leisure craft. It is generally accepted internationally for operators on British flagged boats, but to operate a radio on a foreign craft you should contact the appropriate national authority.

To Book an Exam:

The exam costs £25 plus a Licence issueing fee of £60 from the RYA making a total of £85.

To Book simply click the add to cart button


or simply Email us here: enquiries@sailtrain.org.uk