First Aid Syllabus



rya_first_aid_course_syllabus The RYA First Aid course is designed to provide a working knowledge of first aid for all those who go afloat, on inland waters or up to 60 miles offshore. The syllabus is based on
the recommendations of the HSE and the MCA.

Course content:

Assessment, immediate actions and the priorities within first aid
Unconsciousness and the recovery position
Breathing difficulties
Failure of the circulation: shock
Blood loss and the control of bleeding
Recognition of internal bleeding
Angina and heart attack
Levels of response and the AVPU scale
Head injury: concussion and compression
Immersion hypothermia and cold shock
Burns, including sunburn.
Exposure hypothermia/hyperthermia
Seasickness and dehydration
Diabetic emergency
Fractures, including spinal injuries
First aid kits
Advice or assistance by radio
Medivac…..the evacuation of a casualty by helicopter
For the skippers of MCA coded boats:
The contents and use of the category C first aid kit, including the pocket mask
Subject of special interest to the group:
Weils disease, blue/green algae, child CPR, marine stings, fish hooks, etc